Meet Athena, a sparkling feminist unicorn, with a magical mane made for maiming misogyny and fragile masculinity. Ever wondered how it is to be a multitalented Business Femme?

I like pretty things. For such a long time I felt mocked and denigrated because I liked the pretty things, I like the shiny things, I like the unicorns, I like glitter. If it is glittery, if it is shiny, if it is bright, there is a 95% chance that I want it. That is pretty much how it works unfortunately. Unfortunately – even now, I have actually accepted that Femme identity, even though I have accepted it, every now and then it is like I flick.

It has become harder and harder to be feminine and Femme and a proper business woman. I am a qualified electrician. “Oh but you don’t look like an electrician” is literally the first thing I hear from anyone. “You are such a Femme. You are such a pillow princess” – you don’t even know me. You are identifying me based on something you don’t know. I whip you ass in a fucking second. I can whip you from over here. I can fucking hurt you in ways you can’t even imagine. You silly little person. You are fucking sexy, I am fucking sexy, we are all sexy in our own ways. So go with that.

So far we’ve got you can’t be a Femme with short hair, you can’t be a Femme unless you are sexy. Ok then. You can’t be a Femme unless you wear make-up everyday. Bullshit! The way people like to misrepresent identity – I do think if you have an identity in your head and you feel that’s what you are, that is what you are. If you feel you are something then you are. It is that simple. It really is that simple. It is not for me or for anyone else to tell you who or what you are. Labels are there use them but don’t be defined by them.

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